We made the switch to System X ceramic coatings here's Why

Updated: Aug 30

First things first; over the years we have been working with and installing coatings we have noticed one thing consistently, if your coating comes from a reputable manufacture and you have a quality installer you're going to get a great result. So why make the switch? Well in essence we have been looking into what company to partner up with for quite some time but System X really stood out to us as a cut above the rest for several reasons.


Some manufactures offer a warranty, while others do not. While the longevity of your coating can be greatly affected by the care you give your car in the long term we still wanted to offer a product that the manufacture stands by, after all why should we stand by their product if they wont stand by it themselves. Additionally the warranty you receive through System X is good for any installer anywhere, so if you end up moving or just happen to be out of town when you notice an issue the robust network of installers will have you covered. Warranty periods for our coatings can last anywhere from six years to a lifetime as long as you're willing to perform an annual maintenance for your coating and commit to proper care.

Durability and Longevity

Getting your vehicle ceramic coated can be expensive, with a professional detailer using professional products you can typically expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 to get your vehicle done depending on some variables like desired finish and add on coating options. With a price tag like that we want to ensure we can pack our coating packages with value, and our way of doing this is by ensuring you get a more durable and longer lasting coating at the same price point. If you compare System X pro to something like a ceramic pro 9h coating with the System X coating we are offering an additional year of manufacture warranty at the same price point. At the top range System X max boasts an incredible 20 microns thick coating. To put this into perspective, your paint is typically 100- 120 microns thick with these coatings we are adding up to 20% of your paints total thickness to just a protective layer. For even more context, most professional grade ceramic coatings advertise anywhere from a 5-10 micron thickness meaning max is 2-4 times more thick than other professional grade ceramic coatings.


System X coatings aren't just designed for automotive use, in fact they were originally developed for use on aviation. The stresses that a coating is put through at altitude moving at much greater rates of speed are immense and guess what, even under these harsh conditions you still get a register-able warranty. System X ceramic coatings are also rated for maritime use as well, meaning no matter what you're trying to protect we can take car of it all with one manufacture. That being said your warranty will vary depending on application, as each application has its own unique stresses that the coating will have to endure.


Last but certainly not least is the quality as backed by third parties. These coatings and System X at large have undergone the process of getting Boeing and Bombardier certified. In addition they have received certification from the ISO 9001, American Society for Quality, National Association of Manufactures, as well as being tested by SGS for quality and durability. What this means for you as a consumer is that their claims aren't just backed by in-house proprietary testing but through reputable third party companies that have no loyalty to any brand, only loyalty to ensuring the quality of every product that leaves their testing. In summary, you can be confident that with every purchase you are going to get a quality product that has undergone many rounds of testing to ensure quality will be the last thing you have to worry about.

If you would like to get a System X ceramic coating installed you can call us today at 559-273-8739 or visit our website at

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