These 3 things will DESTROY your ceramic coating.

Updated: Aug 25

If you've ceramic coated your car, congratulations! You've made a great investment in protecting your paint. But even the best ceramic coating can be ruined if you're not careful. Here are three things that will ruin your ceramic coating:

1. Express washes. Yes, even those touchless ones at the gas station. The brushes can damage the ceramic coating, leaving it susceptible to scratches and other damage.

Think about the brushes at a car wash like an ultra fine sandpaper causing abrasions and marring each and every time they touch your coating. While your ceramic coating wont necessarily be destroyed immediately over time your protection will be stripped away leaving your once protected vehicle vulnerable to the elements

2. Improper maintenance. This one is important! You must maintain your ceramic coating properly or it will be ruined. That means regularly washing and drying your car, and avoiding things that can damage the coating (like using harsh chemicals or polishing your paint).

So you have managed to avoid the temptation of automatic car washes, that doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet. Even hand washing can cause major problems if not done correctly, but thankfully with just a few easy tips and tricks you can keep a professional level of clean each and every time you wash your car.

  • Always use high-quality microfiber towels. Microfiber towels come in direct contact with your vehicle and using low quality towels like the ones you see at auto zone and Costco are going to do more harm than good. We recommend Auto Fiber products for the absolute best quality.

  • DO NOT USE BRUSHES ON PAINT. As tempting as those brushes you see advertised for large trucks and RV's are do not use them on your painted surfaces as the bristles are hard and will scratch and swirl your finish.

  • Dry your ceramic coated vehicle properly. There are two methods that will work excellently to dry your coated vehicle. Our favorite is with forced air, most of you will have a leaf blower at home for yard work but it can serve another purpose to dry your car quickly and efficiently and is the safest method to dry your car. The next best option is to towel dry, towel drying does add another point of contact that your vehicle undergoes during the wash process however with a high quality drying towel like the auto fiber dreadnought and use of a ceramic based drying aid you can 100% safely dry your vehicle with a towel.

3. Polishing your paint. This is a big no-no! Polishing your paint will remove the ceramic coating, leaving your car unprotected. If you want to keep your ceramic coating in good condition, avoid polishing your paint at all costs. After all polishing your paint involves the use of abrasives and if there's one thing that you should take from this whole article its that abrasives diminish your coating.

So there you have it! Three things that will ruin your ceramic coating. Be sure to avoid them if you want to keep your car looking its best.

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