Paint Correction and Swirl Removal Services

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Love Your Car Again

Over time your car’s paint will start to loose the shine it once had, the reason is simple; the clear coat has been damaged and rather than seeing a smooth glossy surface this damage is causing a rough surface that you end up seeing.

A paint correction can unwind the hands of time by removing this damage permanently. Additionally giving your vehicle a paint correction also opens up your options for protection like ceramic coatings so you can ensure your newly corrected vehicle keeps its new finish for years to come.

Lastly, accidents happen. Whether from a careless car parked next to you or a rogue shopping cart man made scratches may also start to appear. Paint corrections can also reduce or even fix that damage to bring your paint back to like it never happened


Revive your paint to bring back deep, rich color and a head turning shine.
Starting At: $299.99

Paint Enhancement Polish

This service is best suited for either newer cars with light imperfections and defects, or cars where the priority is improving gloss and shine without breaking the bank.
Starting At: $449.99

Stage 1 Paint Correction

This is our most popular paint correction package as it offers fantastic results at a great price. Leaving you with a like-new finish to your paint
Starting at $799.99

Stage 2 Paint Correction

Our stage 2 Paint Correction is for our customers who seek uncompromising quality. With a targeted 90-95% defect removal you can ensure your vehicle will be returned yo you looking better than new.

The Paint Porrection Process

Even when you roll your new car off the showroom floor its likely to be riddled with imperfections. You may be wondering why and the short answer is; dealerships are in the car business to make money and turn vehicles around quickly, not ensure they are perfect upon delivery. Whether your car is 5 days old or 5 years old a paint correction is a necessary part of the process.

Additionally we here at A to Z Auto Detail and Ceramic Coatings pride ourselves on the quality of work we do. In chasing that quality we can not in good faith leave a vehicles paint untouched and seal in the imperfections either permanently or semi-permanently.

Lastly, coatings leave a highly glossy layer. Due to the intensity of the gloss they leave ceramic coatings applied over imperfections would only serve to amplify those imperfections making them even more of an eye sore once the coating has been applied. In short, yes a paint correction is absolutely necessary when applying a long-term paint protection like ceramic coatings.

Detail and Decontaminate

We start of with an exterior detail to remove all loose dirt and debris from the surface. Then we use an iron remover and clay-bar to remove embedded contamination.

Cut Out Defects

Now that the surface is clean we use a heavy cut compound, and cutting pad. This allows us to target the imperfections giving us a high rate of defect removal.

Polish to Perfection

Next we switch over to a polishing liquid and a softer pad. Now that the defects are removed we are gently refining the paint to create the high gloss finish we love.

Inspect For Quality

Our last step is to inspect for quality. we use a combination of special color matching lights as well as natural sunlight to ensure the desired defect removal was achieved



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