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Wax Off, Ceramic Coatings On

Ceramic coatings are an extremely durable sacrificial layer that can be added to your paint adding extreme shine, protection, and making maintenance a breeze. Here in Fresno ceramic coatings are becoming increasingly popular due to the harsh environment we experience in the central valley. Contact us today to get your vehicle protected from whatever the road may bring.

What is a ceramic coating?

There is a ton of buzz and marketing hype around the term ceramic coating, but what really are they? In essence a ceramic coating is simply a synthetic polymer based compound that binds to your vehicles paint to form a hardened layer of protection. Ceramics usually measure a hardness rating of 9H which is a significant improvement over your factory 2H-4H hardness rating. In addition to being harder than your factory clear coat they also have a more slick surface which is where they get their self cleaning and water repelling properties from.


To provide you with protection options for your vehicle, we have formed exclusive partnerships with the ceramic coating brands listed below.

SystemX Coatings

System X Coatings only come standard with exterior work done.


SB3 Coatings

All SB3 Coatings include Express interior detail.


Fireball Coatings

All fireball coatings include engine bay detail, express interior detail.

Our Ceramic Coating Process

Detail and Decontaminate

The entire process starts with an exterior detail to remove loose dirt and debris. This is followed by an iron remover and clay-bar to remove embedded contamination.

Paint Correct

Once the surface has been completely cleaned we perform the paint correction of choice to remove swirls and imperfections and ensure a glossy finish is achieved.

Inspect and Prep Paint

Now that the surface has been corrected we use special color match lights to ensure quality and remove all residue with a panel preparation solution to ensure a proper bond.

Apply Coating and Re-Inspect

At this stage we apply the coating and inspect both with natural lighting and color match lights to ensure no high spots are left so the vehicle is 100% ready for delivery.


Our focus is on making sure you are educated on making the best choice for your vehicle.
Depending on the options you choose and the condition of your vehicle the entire process can take as long as 3 days or as short as 6 hours. Request a consultation and we will come out to you to give you a more accurate idea of how long it will take for your particular vehicle.
Unfortunately no, while ceramic coatings will provide some abrasion resistance from things like lighter scratches like swirls and spider web scratches they will not prevent from impacts. if you would like to make your car truly scratch proof ask us about our paint protection film services.

One of the benefits of a ceramic coating is the ease of maintenance. We will provide you with all the knowledge and tools to keep your coating looking its best but here are some of the notes

  1. Try not to get your car wet for the first 48 hours, at this point your coating is still curing to the paint
  2. DO NOT wash your car for the first two weeks, your coating is still sensitive at this point and may come off if washed too soon
  3. use safe wash methods, we reccomend a touchless wash method when possible and a two bucket method if you are going to do a contact wash
  4. Once a year use some iron decon to decontaminate the coating and optionally you can apply a topper product
Yes, however this is a limited warranty covering our work as far as application of the coating, we do not cover scratches in our warranty. Proper care is also an important part of a coating, we will not warranty a ceramic coating that hasnt been properly cared for, with that being said we pride ourselves on being ongoing support of our customers so we are always here to answer any questions you may have about taking care of your newly coated car.

Additional Ceramic Coating Services

Wheel Face Ceramic Coating

Keep the highly visible portions of your wheels protected at an affordable rate. With this add on service your wheel faces will get a layer of System X wheel to keep your finish looking great and easy to maintain.

Interior Ceramic Coatings

Protect your plastic, leather, vinyl, and cloth from stains and dye transfer with one of our interior ceramic coating options and help keep you interior looking great

Wheels off coating

Take your wheels off for ultimate protection including your entire wheel as well as any painted or powder coated brake calipers with a layer of System X Wheel Ceramic Coating,



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